Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Open Letter to the Reptilian Overlords RE: Education

Dear Reptilian Overlords,

This letter is in reference to how education is supposed to work. It has come to my attention that you have abrogated our agreement. You have broken our contract. You may have done this willfully or without awareness, but you have failed to keep your end of the bargain as regards education. Allow me to remind you about how this is supposed to work.

People, young and old, but mostly young, spend great portions of their lives in learning sufficient amounts of information to be accredited graduates from the educational system. They may exit the system at various levels, but usually at the high school, college, or graduate levels.

This education is funded through taxes, individual earnings, family contributions, and private and public organizations. The cost increases as the level of education proceeds. The cost also varies according the content of the education and the institution that offers the graduate accreditation.

The following is where the most egregious abrogation of our agreements occurs, so please pay special attention. When a person has been conferred with the essential documents of graduation, that person will then seek gainful employment based on that education. At present they are not able to find this employment. Please see this graphic.

This graphic shows that 44.4% of graduates from undergraduate colleges under the age of 25 are not working or working in jobs that do not require a college education.

Immediate redress of this situation is in your best interests as well as ours. If this situation is not addressed, education will be seen for the general farce that most of it is. The situation is this, and I will use my own personal experience in American public education as an example. I was subject to far too many hours of tedium, expected to learn irrelevant minutiae while being prevented from exploring valuable real learning, and graduated with a graduate degree in foreign languages that I grudgingly admit has been of hardly any use to me at all in my profession as a foreign language teacher. The only value I believe I received from this experience are the human connections I made while in the school.

If this situation continues, you will be the ones who lose, because the flimsy veil of legitimacy will have been removed, and the low quality waste of time will be revealed for what it is.

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