Thursday, March 12, 2009

Hey, how about smaller cars? A rant

Why do auto manufacturers build cars that go well over 100kph when most of the roads in Japan are tagged for 4okph, a few for 5o, and some at 30? I am getting sick of drivers who appear to have gotten their licenses at a Lawson's who drive cars with engines that give them dangerous amounts of power.

This morning on my way home from a workout, I was driving the speed limit, 50kph, which I always do. I drive a truck with a small engine, and it has lots of power for hauling stuff, but not for going fast, so 50 is comfortable. This person in back of me decides she wants to pass, and that's OK because it was a passing zone. She does fine until she wants to get back in the right lane, and almost takes my front end out.

Speed limits are hardly ever enforced, and when they are it is totally arbitrary, just in places where the cops know they can pick up lots of people in a short time. I would vote for any politician who would host a bill that would limit cars' engine sizes in order to be much more environmentally friendly, and to be able to run at the speed limit, up to 50kph, and to make cars that run over 100kph on highways stupidly expensive.

Automobiles have to be the most counter intuitive machine ever built. Super inefficient, totally dehumanizing, wasteful, and destructive to the environment.

I suggest that if America and Japan really want to get back on line economically, that they immediately put limits on engine sizes, and force anyone with a old, huge, rolling dreadnought, to dump it and buy a new model, with government guaranteed loans of course. This would make it imparitive for car manufacturers to build something people actually want and need that makes sense instead of Hummer class idiocy. No more bailouts for companies who have made decades worth of bad decisions. Yes, Japanese manufacturers would have the edge, because they have been making wiser choices that US companies, so the big three should get their heads out of their money piles and get designing.

Cars are stupid.

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