Friday, February 08, 2008

"I want to get better at English"

This research is from "goo Research", an online research firm. They teamed up with Yomiuri Newspaper to do an investigation , and published it at the site below with the title, "I want to get better at English" 86% Women are more serious (my translation)

This research was conducted by the NTT Resonant Internet Questionnaire Service (goo Research) from December 21 to the 25th. 549 10 to 30 year old men and women responded. There was a 1:1 ratio of men to women. 40% were school students, 28% were permanently employed people, 12% were homemakers.

When asked to respond to the question, "Do you think you would like to be able to use more English," 86% answered yes, while 14% answered that they do not think that.

When asked when they think they would like to be able to use more English, 44% said that they think that while watching movies; 44% answered that it was when they were traveling; 31% said it was when they use the Internet; 36% said it was when they were studying for tests; 34% said when they were reading English newspapers, magazines and books, 32% said it was when a "foreigner" asked them directions, 27% said it was when they use English at work; 7% said it was when they study abroad, and 3% was other.

When asked, "What English language skill do you feel is difficult to acquire," 78% said speaking skills, 61% listening skills, 40% writing skills, 29% reading skills; 2% said other; and 1% said that there was no special difficulty.

To the question, " Were you satisfied or dissatisfied in general with the your junior and senior high school English language education," 3% were satisfied, 23% were somewhat satisfied, 49% were somewhat dissatisfied, and 25% were dissatisfied.

The respondents were asked, "If you were to study English outside of a school classroom, what would you choose to do." Their responses included:
Language school or English conversation school (Women 51%, Men 42%)
Radio or TV courses at home (Women 26%, Men 21%)
Study abroad with language as the goal ( Women 21%, Men 13%)
Home tutor (Women 5%, Men 4%)
Commonly available texts and study materials ( Women 28%, Men 31%)
Internet study (Women 16%, Men 31%)
I have no intention to study outside of school (Women 16%, Men 14%)
Other (Women 2%, Men 3%)

First, I don't think this is terribly reliable data because of the small sample and the bias in types of respondents that they got, but it is interesting to look at.

I was most interested in the data on whether people were satisfied with their education in junior and senior high school. Regardless of the sample population, there was an overwhelming dissatisfaction among the respondents.

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