Friday, February 08, 2008

Consumers shun frozen food amid 'gyoza' poisonings | The Japan Times Online

Don't know how much y'all are paying attention to this circus, but it appears that some poison somehow found its way into some frozen gyoza. No one died from it, and it is certainly not a widespread problem, by that I mean to other frozen foods, but it has gotten so much press that it has become rediculous. No one is on the TV telling us that bad diet and inactivity kill tens of thousands every year.

Come on, frozen prepared stuff in supermarkets isn't healthy to begin with. The poison just makes it a little more unhealthy.

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Consumers shun frozen food amid 'gyoza' poisonings | The Japan Times Online


Megan Howard said...

Daniel - reaching out into the blogosphere to find a Japanese classroom to connect with. I have 11 and 12 year olds who are regularly blogging and want to get in touch with a classroom in Japan (we study the history of Japan in the spring). Could you put me in touch with a lower school teacher?

Daniel said...

I'm not in touch with any teachers of the age group that you describe, but I will consider that problem if you can give me something a bit more to go on, like who you are and where you and your class are. If you want to use email rather than this forum, then you can reach me at hotmail with my name in reverse order before the "a".

What do you learn about in your class?