Thursday, July 27, 2006

Finished grading

The grades are in. Just finished putting those in, and now the semester is complete. That is a relief, but there is no rest for us dedicated English teachers. There is a Open Campus scheduled for next week on Tuesday. I'll be there introducing people to the English Support Lounge.


Mark said...

You've got guts going abroad to teach.

I am a history teacher and really admire you doing that.

Say hello and thanks to the people of Japan for their assistance in the war on terror.

Daniel said...

It doesn't take so much guts to live here. It's very easy. The crime rate is much lower than in the US. I don't have to risk my life everyday on highways, because there is a reasonable public transportation system. And when I retire and get old, I know I'll have medical care, because everyone in the country has insurance. Quite civilized, really.

I will say hello to the people of Japan as I do everyday, but I'm afraid that if I mentioned their roll in the war on terror, I would be met with blank stares. They are not bombarded with fear-mongering media reports of terrorist threats. In fact they are probably more frightened of tainted American beef. The only reason this country has reason to worry about terrorism is because of its ties to the US and its sending troops to Iraq, and the only reason they did that is because the nationalistic/militaristic government here saw it as a way to get the world used to armed Japanese forces on foreign soil again. Fortunately they all came back alive, and in a country where the population is shrinking fast, life is valued.