Wednesday, January 14, 2004

Had a place to put comments, didn't I. It just seemed to have disappeared. I guessed that it was something I had done wrong, but this is what happened.

"BlogSpeak is currently down because the bastards that host it (not the one you got the hosting offer from, those guys are wonderful) decided to suspend my account. I do not know as of yet when this situation will be resolved. If you don't want any JavaScript errors on your pages, take the code off for the time being. If you're pissed off because your comments don't work, I would be too. Believe me, I'm not too happy about my account being suspended either. I do have a backup of the DB from an hour before the suspension occurred. So if the server comes back up, or I have to get a new server, of even pass the duties of maintaining BlogSpeak off to someone else, everything will be in tact."

Sure hope it comes back. Ganbatte BlogSpeak people!

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