Tuesday, October 21, 2003

Yup, 'peaters... Had them again today. I have changed the class into a self-paced affair, where students who come (today of the 22 registered, 8 appeared) learn what they need from the course, and the others study to retake quizzes that they have failed. My feeling is that instead of a lock-step class, where everyone does the same thing and the students who need real help get left behind, this would boost attendance, scores, and student egos. For example, one student came to class today who had not taken the last quiz. I let him take it in class. Abysmal. He studied again for the quiz, took the same one again, and did very well. He smiled a big ole smile and then went on with what the students who have taken and passed the quiz were doing.

There are problems with the system. One surprising obstacle came up today; upper classpersons do not want to work with lower classpersons. I think it is a pride thing.

Some precautions to take here would be to explain again what the objectives of the class will be and what the requirements for a passing grade AS WELL AS explaining what it would take to achieve excellence.

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