Wednesday, October 22, 2003

The study-abroad program here at Yokkaichi University is a for-credit course that includes a trip to the US, Britain, or China, depending on the year and student motivation. There was a gathering of students today for an explanation by a representative from our sister school, Long Beach State University in Long Beach, California.

Of the students attending nearly half of them were non-traditional students, those students who have been in out of the academic world for some time who chose to return to study at university. Their ratio here at this school is very small when compared to students who enroll at 18 or there abouts. The ratio of enthusiasm is in converse proportion, though. The older students have the hunger and the energy of teenagers. They are excited to participate and explore possibilities. They are full of life and fun to be around.

Non-traditional students have participated in small numbers in the study-abroad program here, and in not-for-credit study abroad courses in much higher numbers.

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