Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Tuesday Night Beginners: Food Activity

Tonight's class, both the beginners and advanced is going to be about food. The beginners will be doing an activity that they actually started last week, that you can see by following this link. FOOD ACTIVITY

I am working on making one activity per week for 52 weeks of the year for this class. I'll post them all on here and then comment on how they worked when I try them out myself.

I started making these activities, because I was just tired of being with the same group of people every week (these are really dedicated students), and I had done enough textbook stuff with them.


Daniel said...

Tried this activity tonight in my class, and found that there is so much stuff here, that they were never going to get through it in one go.

Just generating the English for the ingredients took most of the class. We started talking about the preparation instructions for the recipes that they brought with them, but they didn't complete that.

I suggest that if your students are at a similar level to mine that you discuss the imperative structure of verbs and how that goes with the instructions. I'll have to do that next week.

I found that if I stop where we left off tonight, they will not have mastered the material.

Engli said...

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Amit said...

Thanks for the time and energy you've put into this,

mba india

Daniel said...

Glad it was useful, Amit.

CEJ said...

I recently posted on my blog versions of articles on getting students to generate vocabulary to talk about/write about sushi.
Scroll down (if you go to the page) until you see semantic mapping activities.

Btw, between you and me Daniel, we ought to round up all this material, edit it, expand where necessary and publish it as a co-authored e-book titled something like 'Teaching English in Japan'.
Real teaching.