Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Richard Dawkins on our "queer" universe, Advanced ESL Activity

This is a list of questions for an advanced ESL Activity linked with Richard Dawkins TED talk on "Our 'queer' universe." I'll use this tonight in class and report on the class afterward.


1. Did you like science at school?
2. Did you like this talk?
3. What is evolution?
4. What do you think culture has to do with evolution?
5. Think of an experience when you were a child. How is that person different than the person that sits in your chair?
6. What kind of science is interesting to you?
7. Why are children losing interest in science?
8. What can we do to make it more interesting?


Daniel said...

About half of the students attempted to watch this speech. Remarks from those who did were not entirely positive. This listening was a bit daunting.

The conversation went well, and one of the students is a biology teacher who helped energize the exchange with his ideas on teaching science.

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