Saturday, January 02, 2010

Japanese and English News Headline Differences

If you follow Japanese-only and English-only news on Japan, you will have noticed that content of the two often don't match. I have noticed that the news in both rarely matches. For example, the top news forNHK in English today is
1. Hatoyama to address unemployment
2. Japan to host biodiversity meet
3. Car bomb kills people in Pakistan
4. Hong Kong residents march for democracy.

The headlines in the Japanese news (my translation)
1. Snow causes travel delays
2. Independent Administrative Organization (Institution), Policy proposal by summer
3. Heavy rains in Brazil kill 44
4. Center for victims of sexual violence opened
5. Ibaraki Airport to open without domestic flights

Mainichi and Yomiuri show similar gaps between what is offered as news in Japanese and English, though the top news stories vary greatly.

I'm not sure why editors choose to offer different content, probably because they think their readers will be interested in different information. Don't know about you, but I'd be interested in both.

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