Thursday, January 21, 2010

J Pop History, Past Tense Activity

I used this activity with my first year nursing students today. We were talking about the past, and I wanted to practice making questions with this kind of information.

1. Asked students to make pairs.
2. Gave one student in each pair an A form, and the other student the B form
3. Practiced making questions as a class with each bit of information.
    ex. Thelma Aoyama        Soba ni Iru ne(8.2 mil downloads)                      2008
Who sang Soba ni Iru ne in 2008?
What did Thelma Aoyama sing in 2008?
When did Thelma Aoyama sing Soba ni Iru ne?
4. Ask questions about the singers songs and dates on their paper to their partners.

This activity was pretty difficult, not because of the language, but because of the content. They are quite knowledgeable about music that they are fond of, they know little about other singers, and almost nothing about singers that were active before 2002. They enjoyed talking about the music, though.

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