Friday, October 30, 2009

Halloween Scavenger Hunt

Today and yesterday we are doing a scavenger hunt with a Halloween theme in class. The students get ten questions, and have to find the answers which are posted outside along a trail through a bamboo grove. They get treats at the end. Here are the questions I used.
1. When did Halloween start?
2. Who started it?
3. A pumpkin with a face cut in it is called a __________?
4. Children dress up in _________________.
5. They go around the neighborhood. That’s called ________________.
6. Jack tricked ___________________.
7. Pumpkins were first used in ______________________.
8. Halloween comes from a combination of 3 words; _______________ ________________ _______________
9. Western ghosts have __________________.
10. A house where ghosts live is said to be ____________________.

Number nine may be a little tough to answer. Western ghosts have feet. Japanese ghosts are said not to have feet.


Iluska Ikeda said...

I like your scavenger hunt! But I don't think I would have gotten number 9. I thought ghosts floated and therefore had no feet, haha.

I don't know if I asked you this, but did you send your children to international schools in Japan or regular all Japanese schools?

My husband was talking about possibly going back to Japan, but I have so many questions about living there as a foreigner...

Daniel said...

The students really enjoyed the scavenger hunt. I'll think of something else similar to do with them later.

As for schools for my kids. We have two very different situations in our home. My older son is 18 and will be graduating from HS in March next year. We started him in Japanese nursery schools when he was 1. Then I sent him to an international school when he went to first grade. I was a single dad then.

The international school only worked for a year, and then went under with the world financial meltdown that year. From then on it was public and private Japanese schools.

That worked well for us only because I did home schooling with him until he started high school, keeping him at home with me for between one and two days per week and Saturday. We got materials from a school in the US and did those at home in addition to his J schooling.

Now I have two little ones too, and we are very lucky to have a Steiner school very close to us. I will send my children there from first grade. Our reasoning for that is that elementary school is an important time for development, but not in the way that Jpn's Education Ministry wants.

The Steiner school is not accredited by the Ministry, so if the kids want to go there, we have to maker sure, first, that they are enrolled in the regular school. That is just an insurance policy to make sure that they will have a seat at school should something happen with the Steiner school. Then I will also home school them to make sure they get the English they need.

I have no idea about where you would be in Jpn if you came here or the age or nationality of your kids, but I would encourage you to be very careful about bullying. We did not have a problem with our oldest son, but I was pretty careful about where I sent him.

I'd be happy to answer any other questions, and you can get hold of me at the mail service that google provides with the name of my twitter name in front of it. If that's too cryptic, let me know.