Wednesday, April 08, 2009

This week's plan

At the nursing school I have three classes a week, all freshmen, so I have to teach them all as much the same stuff as possible. Of course there is some variation from one class to the next.

Even though I have written outlines for what I want to do with each class, the content varies slightly. On my first day of class I used the concentric circle diagram of English varieties to show that there is no monopoly on Enlgish, and that Japanese is on its way to becoming a recognized variety. Today, I forgot the graph, and just talked about it. (Of the two, Mondays was the prefered pattern.)

We all did an icebreaker activity, an alphabet circle where students get into a circle in alphabetical order based on first their last names, then their first. Then we talked about the past, present and future of the English language, and I don't mean grammar. Finally, we talked about our classes and the opportunities for learning English here at this university.

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