Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Question aout EIKEN statistics on numbers who pass attempted tests

As I posted earlier, I am looking at information on standardized English tests so that I can better advise students. I have a question about EIKEN's reported pass percentage figures.

Their data shows a declining percetage of people who pass the test as the test becomes more difficult.
For example:
Level 1 12.8%
Level 2 26.5%
Level 3 59.1%
Level 4 74.1%
This comes from the EIKEN data here.

I would think that the percentages of those who pass would stay relatively level, unless people underestimate their language ability and take tests that are easy for them first and then rise to their level of inability. If people were always trying to pass the highest possible level for themselves, it may stay more constant.

Any other ideas?


Michael Stout said...

Hi Daniel,
Great post. The explanation might also be in the way the vocabulary in the Eikan tests is graded. There's a great article about this is JALT Journal: http://www.jalt-publications.org/jj/articles/2002/11/index

Daniel said...

Thanks for the pointer to this article. It looks really solid. I'll read it carefully and get back.