Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Rant: Big Three Auto Manufacturers and their Employees Create Huge Social Problems, and the Politicians take the PAC Money and Put on the Blinders

When will this idiocy stop? The big three auto manufacturers have made supremely bad errors in judgement about the future of their companies, rolling out huge cars that had no future at all while the Japanese, who took a minute to look at the future, had turned their sights to smaller, more efficient models. Then they turn around and fire tens of thousands of workers in order to make their stocks more attractive, like management is actually doing something for their stockholders, creating huge social problems. Then they turn around and beg the government for our tax money, which they get. For what? The timing was precious. Beg for money. Get money. Double dip by creating huge social problems by firing workers and closing plants after you get money. Great idea!

Hey, this is just un American. Why do they get a bailout? They are part of the problem. They have dragged their feet about protecting the environment and reducing the nation's energy demands. Humvees? What is that? There are probably a couple of hundred among the thousands who have become unemployed who could build a better automobile. Let them have a go at it, and stop pumping tax money into these dinosaurs. Help the little guys who actually stand a chance of doing something right. This is shades of the Soviet Union, government supported auto manufacturers. This isn't free enterprise. These companies get rewarded by us for producing crap. Why not just produce something good, and then everybody will want it. Let the CEO's who supervised the short sighted production of unsustainable products stand in soup lines and sleep under bridges, and give capable people with good ideas the money.

And then the workers... what have you been thinking? So blinded by bling that you can't read a newspaper and see what is happening in the world? The automobiles you were/are being asked to build don't stand a snowball's chance. Instead of the short sighted push for higher wages, why didn't you/don't you stand up for better, more competitive products and a better social environment for you and your children?

Then there are the politicians who are now thrashing around, blaming anybody but themselves for the situation and doing everything they can to preserve their cash cows.

When is this idiocy going to end? There must be a better way to do business for everybody involved. This happens over and over, and people stand there slackjawed that it happened again, and the government makes some more rules, and it's supposed to be alright, but anybody can see it coming again.

Change the system. Stop playing the game. The emperor is not wearing any clothes. "Pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off, and begin again the work of remaking America.''

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