Thursday, February 26, 2009

Adachi Kiyoaki, 1952-2009: Being part of the teaching community means sad times, too

Today I attended the funeral of the Dean of the Policy Administration Faculty , Adachi Kiyoaki. He was a scholar of Western Economic History. He was about eight years older than me, but still died way too young.

My thoughts and concerns today were of course with family of Dean Adachi. Their loss must be huge, and their concerns and worries about the future must be bigger. The majority of the people who attended the funeral were students, staff and teachers, from the university. I was impressed that being part of the teaching community means that we have responsibilities not just to our students, but to each other which go beyond saying "hi" in the hallways. We have the responsiblity to support each other the best we can, and say "goodbye" when the time comes.

Thanks for the learning opportunities, Dean Adachi.

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