Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A great quote for teachers

Was listening to Dr. Wayne Dyer on Hay House Radio, and he mentioned a time when he was a graduate teaching assistant and students were not willing to take his advise. He was responding to a nutritionist whose clients wouldn't listen to her. I've heard the same kind of story from the Nursing profs here. They tell their patients to lose weight or stop smoking, and they don't.

The quote he used was from A Course in Miracles.
Infinite patience produces immediate effects.

If we are in possession of infinite patience, immediate effects will come of their own. I encourage, berate, sell, and proselytise, and I know I reach some learners, because they show obvious movement and results. But the majority does not show their progress in any obvious ways. I just got some first semester course evaluation results back from the Academic Affairs Division at the school, and the results were pretty positive, showing that the classes were of benefit to many of the students, and when the are not so overwhelmed with work from their major courses, maybe they'll remember some of the things we did in class.

Infinite patience...


Mrs Ikeda said...

Great quote! I might have to use it, or at least repeat it in my own head when I'm wondering if I'm getting any results.

Daniel said...

That's a good idea! More like a mantra than something to remember.