Monday, December 15, 2008

Student dissatisfaction with other students

We hear often about students being dissatisfied with teachers or about teachers with students, but this morning I had the occasion to hear a student tell other students about how dissatisfied he was with their behavior. This morning I had a first-period class, for which one student in particular has been attending regularly, and for which several others have not. Monday, first period, you get the picture.

Since this is near the end of term, students are worried about the numbers of absences that they have; will they have enough attendance to pass? Unfortunately some will not, and it was my duty to inform two of the students today that they did not have enough attendance to pass the class, regardless of what they got on their exams. They were disappointed, and expressed that, and one of their classmates became red in the face and scolded them for such childishness. "I've been coming every Monday, early, and having an enjoyable class with Mr. Kirk, while you have been making excuses and staying in bed. Why should you get the same credit I get"? He went on, but it was generally to the effect this kind of behavior will not be tolerated in the rest of society, why should it be tolerated at university?

It was surprising, but refreshing, to see a student take such a stand openly in class.

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