Friday, September 07, 2007

Japan Inc. Is Drinking Again - TIME

Japan Inc. Is Drinking Again - TIME
Let the good times roll! I remember coming here and waiting for a friend in front of Kokura Station. I had never seen so many obviously drunk people, nor smelled so much alcohol without being in close proximity to a bar or a hospital in my life. I drank alot then, too, but jeez, I couldn't keep up, so I quit.

Actually the country seems to have a problem. Surprised? Five docs at Tottori University published a paper that concluded,

CONCLUSIONS: This study revealed that problem drinking and alcohol dependence are a serious problem in Japanese general population. The problem of females drinking may be growing. The government should emphasize the prevention of alcohol drinking problems in adults and continue the conduct of nationwide prevalence surveys to monitor the problem.
I'm not sure why females who drink is a problem, but it looks like they found that there are indeed some dependence problems. I have never seen or heard any warnings about alcohol drinking aside from posters at schools that discourage underage drinking, and posters at stores that say that alcohol won't be sold to minors.

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