Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Great sites for students and teachers

Went to a reunion in Nagoya a couple of weeks ago for West Virginia University grads in Japan. It was a great event, and ended up meeting a whole bunch of people that I hadn't seen for upwards of 20 years. Two grads who I had actually never met before maintain a couple of great sites that I have recommended to my students.

The Kelly Brothers at Aichi Institute of Technology and elsewhere have set up http://www.manythings.org for students, with www.manythings.org/j for students who want the same content in Japanese. They also have a site, a4esl.org, which is a site with other various activities for ESL students.

For teachers they maintain the iteslj.org site, the Internet TESL Journal.

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summer said...

Hi Daniel -

I am an ESL certified teacher in Florida, USA.

I thought you might enjoy using my new ESL site with your classes:


I use some of the manythings.org, as they have a really good feed for sites.