Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Let's make some questions!

I made this worksheet for my students today. They are having some problems with their question-making ability, so I thought it would be good to have a little more practice. Please, feel free to copy this and use it or modify it for your classes. This should all be self-explanitory, but if it isn't, let me know. I'll let you know what I meant.
Let’s make some questions!

All of the question words, ever.

am have do may can shall
is has did might could should
are had does must will
was would

All of the words in this box will be Yes/No questions.

Who What Where When Which Why How

Are you there? Yes, we are.
Are Tod and his dog there? Yes, they are.
Where are you?
Where is my pencil?

1) What's your name? My name is _____.
2) Where are you from? I'm from _____.
3) How are you? I'm fine, thank you.
4) How old are you? I'm _____ years old.
5) What day is today? Today is _____.
6) What time is it? It's _____ o'clock.
7) What school do you go to? I go to _____ school.
8) When is your birthday? My birthday is on _____.
9) What is this? This is a _____.
10) Do you speak English? Yes, I speak a little English.

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