Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Community College vocabulary list

Last night I taught my Tuesday, Community College classes, and for the beginner level class I translated a list of personality traits that I thought would be handy for my students. I will publish the list here, hoping that they may be useful to someone who teaches Japanese students.

Talkative おしゃべりな
Impatient いらいらじている、
Fun 楽しい
Shy 引き込みがちな、恥ずかしがる
Unreliable あてにならない、信じられない
Interesting 面白い
Different かわっている
Patient 気長な
Outgoing 社交的な
Serious まじめな
Easygoing 落ちついた、ゆったりとした
Reliable たよりになる

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