Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Rental DVD's--Changumu

My family rents on average one DVD a week. Friday is movie night at our house. After dinner we all sit down and watch a film. Otherwise, the TV is hardly used, because what is on offer is such incredible trash. We have taken to renting two DVD's recently, though. One a feature film, and the other a Korean TV series, Changumu. It is produced for viewing in Japan by NHK, and they do the dubbing of the voices into Japanese.

Changumu is a great drama about a real woman that existed in the 16th century. She led a really difficult life, on the lam with her parents as a child, raised in the royal household as a cook, exiled to Cheju after being framed for poisoning the king, and then returning to the royal household as a doctor. NHK has also attached some interesting cultural segments, covering a variety of topics from historical to modern.

I don't know anything about Korea, really, and I don't know how accurate the NHK translations are, but it is a fascinating series that has increased my understanding of Korean culture vastly. I highly recommend it.

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