Thursday, August 31, 2006

Remember this as hawks gloat about Japanese participation in the "war on terror"

Remember this as Cheney (Bush) and his lackeys gloat about having Japan on its side in the war on terror. Seems like it should be more of a moral liability than an asset to me.

While basically acknowledging the plaintiffs' claims that they were "abducted, confined, continuously beaten and raped by Japanese soldiers," Judge Wataru Yao rejected their demand for 23 million yen each in compensation, ruling that the state cannot be held responsible for actions taken before the National Redress Law went into force in 1947. Yao also said the plaintiffs' right to demand compensation no longer exists because more than 20 years had elapsed since the time when the women suffered the damage. -- Court dismisses compensation claims by WWII Chinese Sex Slaves

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