Tuesday, March 07, 2006

View from the office

I'm in my office doing homework today, but I'd rather be outside. It is beautiful and warm today. You can also see by the parking lot that there aren't many people here today.
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michael said...

just a note of thanks - I used your info on the university entrance exam in a presentation for my MA TESOL course last week.

I came back from Japan two years ago. Keep up the good work.

quibble said...

I'm going back to Japan this summer. Yay!

japanglishtimes said...

Nice to meet you!

I'm Japanese man studying English.
I browsed your blog.
You have original idea, I guess.

Althogh I am strange to write blog in English, I write blog in English and Japanese.
So native speakers who are visiting constantly point out the mistakes on my blog!
They flatters me!

I think I could learn from you.

Have a good day!

Japanglish Times from Tokyo Japan