Friday, November 18, 2005

Update: class for advanced learners

Last Friday I blogged about a class for advanced learners that I am teaching on Tuesday nights. This week's class went really well. The theme was travel, and we used the "conversation cafe" organization again. We went around the group, and they were to introduce themselves again, and tell everyone where they suggested that we travel and why. They are a very well traveled group, and we heard about places all over the world.

After everyone had told us about their suggested, we asked questions about everyones suggestions, something they are not allowed to do during the initial comments. That exchange took nearly all of the rest of the 90 minute period. It was a very natural conversation in English about everyone's suggestions. It was delightful to be part of it.

Toward the end, I wanted to ask them about their perceptions of international travel since 9/11. Their feelings were that travel is more dangerous than it was before 9/11, and certainly more dangerous since the Iraq war, but not dangerous enough to keep anyone from traveling where they want to.


Bee said...

Hi Daniel,
Have you tried with your students? Mine loved to post their travel experiences there and read the comments of others.

Daniel said...

Thanks for the tip on 43Places. I gave it a look, and it looks really intersting. It would be nice to put Yokkaichi up there. There is a new airport near here, so people visiting the country would know what is around here.

I looked at the comments on Hiroshima, just to see what people have written. Very predictable, and not very insightful. Too bad. Lots of things to do in the area, but the atomic bomb gets most of the attention.