Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Movie activity for upper-intermediate students

Last night in one of the classes that I taught here in the Community College, I put students in pairs and asked them to choose two letters of the alphabet. Then the pair had to use those two letters to make a movie title. For example a team might choose M and T. They could make a movie title like, "Murder Toilet." Then I told them to make up a story line for that movie.

I was really surprised that they spent 30 minutes happily creating. I never thought that they would spend that much time on the project. I had a good time with the group that I worked with, who came up with a the title, "Doctor Carol." A doctor in a big city becomes jaded and goes off to Cambodia to help the people who need and deserve it. She faces many difficulties. Then we started thinking about how the story line would change in different countries. For example, Hollywood would make her fall in love with a great man and live happily ever after. A French film would have her die of a funky disease. A German film would have her never go anywhere and forever wonder about what may have been. The Italian film would be sunny and full of fun, and she would fall in love, but she would die in the end. The Japanese film would have her work in Cambodia and sympathize with the people, and would then return to Japan and forget everything about the people she worked with. The other groups' ideas were great.

Try it in your class if it they could have fun with it.


EFL Geek said...

This is a great activity. Will be sure to try it out.

Anonymous said...

I'm going to use this idea this week in class. Thanks.