Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Oxford University Press Representative

Since I am not from the world of business, strictly speaking, I'm totally ignorant of how marketing works in other industries, but the marketing model that English textbook publishing companies use is relaxed and civilized. I hope other industries are so.

Representatives from various publishers in Japan travel around the country meeting teachers and students, talking about the groups' needs. I had the good fortune this evening to share a meal with one such representative. She works for Oxford University Press.

Mostly we talked about teaching and learning, teachers' needs, students' needs, and other professional concerns. We also talked about America and her experiences in Colorado, a place that we had in common. I'm not sure what marketing models other industries employ, but this seems to be a very civilized one. I have met with and had pleasant conversations about personal and professional topics with many representatives. They have all been enjoyable experiences that benefit both parties. I really hope other industries are as pleasant, because I would like to think that lots of people are getting as much out of their client/provider relationship as I have in this industry.


JapanVisitor said...

Enjoyed your blog - I'm living in Nagoya which is not so far away.

EFL Geek said...

I've had the same experience with reps here in Korea.