Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Japan failing to address racism says a UN investigator

Guess what! Japan is a racist country. Surprised?

So as Japan debases itself as a puppet of the US to get a seat on the Security Council, they can't refuse entry to a UN investigator who invites himself. Doudou Diene says that Japanese officials fail to "recognize the seriousness of racism and discrimination."

My guess is that they don't know what it is or what how it works. Seriously. He would have to give them a detailed explanation of what discrimination is and how it works before they could address the problem.

It is in the papers now, but there are tons of books on the subject already. Unless there are connections made between Japan's human rights situation and its precious seat on the Security Council, nothing will be done.

Thank you for your visit, Mr. Diene. Please, come again.

Taipei Times - archives


salticus said...

I think it is true that most Japanese don't know how sensitive these issues are in other countries. Japanese know it is a bad thing, but they tend to get satisfied if they feel they are not intentionally doing it (even if they are unintentionally doing it, sadly), but other people expect more which is understandable.

Daniel said...

I agree that many Japanese people are not aware of the sensitivity of racial issues. That said, though, I think it passing strange that in the multi-racial country that Japan is there is this level of insensitivity. I was diappointed at first that most of Diene's comments were directed at domestic discrimination against other Japanese or long-term residents. I was hoping for more on racism against other nationalities. Now I think that he was right in focusing on Japanese injustice to other Japanese. If there isn't that kind of awareness, then it isn't likely that other forms of discrimination will be addressed. In fact he probably didn't go far enough, because he didn't address gender or age discrimination at all.