Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Aging Parents

I was back in the US for a while, dealing mostly with my parents' various afflictions, most of them self inflicted, and mostly through poor diet. It is amazing that both of them, living in the most affluent country in the world have chosen to fill their bodies with the worst manner of stuff, so that neither of them has hardly any quality of life. It is difficult to help them from 6,000 miles away, but my guess is that it would be difficult even if I lived in the same house. The distance probably protects my sanity.

Pheasant calls this morning,
Loud, strong, hopeful, vibrant
Life's rigors unapparent


Sandy said...

I know, it's maddening, isn't it. I worked in the Gulf for many years, in countries which have the highest living standards in the world, and many locals would just wobble around from one junk food place to another.

What is it that makes so many affluent people ignore their own health? It is just the ease with which fatty food is available - or do they get just too complacent?


Daniel said...

Mostly just complacency, but it has to have something to do with the bombardment of messages that tell us that the road to happiness is through consumption of this or that. I don't pay attention to the drone anymore, but some people, like aged people who watch television for lack of better things to do, can't escape it.