Tuesday, March 01, 2005

English Club Retreat

Went with the university English Club to a retreat at a hotspring resort in Toba, Mie Prefecture over the weekend. That was a great event. There were sixteen of us, and we had a really great time. The first year students organized it, booked a hotel and made a schedule. Two English teachers went along, and we were in charge of an activity on Sunday. We had a scavenger hunt. Since we were so close to the sea, we could get them to go out to the beach and search for things like sea urchins, sea shells, sea weed, and driftwood. We also got them to draw animal footprints that they found in the sand. That was usually dog or bird prints.

It was a great event. Maybe they learned some English, but more importantly, they got to spend some time together before the forth-year students graduate in a couple of weeks. This year's graduates are a great lot, and though I am sad to see them leave the university, I am proud that the school can graduate such excellent humans.

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