Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Auto inspection

I drive a 660 cc Suzuki. Kei cars are a special class of cars with a small body size and small engine. They are taxed differently, and insurance is cheaper. It gets great mileage (kilometerage?) and gets me everywhere I need to go in great time. One thing one must do every once in a while is have them inspected, just like all other cars. It is another way to discourage people from driving, because it is expensive. Inspection is also cheaper for kei cars, but mine cost around 70,000 yen, around 700 dollars. I was thinking about just selling the car. After doing the math, it would be cheaper to take the train than to have a car. My wife discrouaged me from doing that, though. My car also has four wheel drive, which is good for the kind of environment we live in. I used it quite a bit last winter. Not at all this year, so you can guess the kind of winter we have had.

I love the car, but I can hardly wait until I can just live without a car. I lived for years in Japan without one, and it would be easy enough to do it again. Now might not be the time, though.

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