Monday, November 29, 2004

Generating Student Motivation

I received an unsolicited message from a representative of Longman Publishing Company the other day that I would like to share with you. It is a short paper by Michael Rost, entitled, Generating Student Motivation. It is a very informative paper that really provided some great new teaching inspiration for me. I put the report up on my university server if you would like to see it.

Generating Student Motivation, by Dr. Michael Rost

This article again gives me pause to consider traditional formal education cliches. I call them cliches, because I think that some modes of formal education are worn out, stale, trite expressions of a concept, and should be rebuilt in a different way in order to be effective. Home schooling and other styles of education provide some hope for motivating learners, but I'm not sure that the kinds of education that I am involved in, for example, can offer the kinds of learning environments that can help learners achieve to the best of their ability.

I think the best that teachers can do, those who are involved in very traditional education settings like me, is to incorporate ideas that will stimulate more successful learners. This article has some great points of departure.

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