Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Japan Today - News - U.S. offers $50,000 quake aid

Whoa, big spenders! I heard this on the radio yesterday and hoped that the person reading the news just made a mistake by leaving out a few zeros. What is Japan supposed to do then, thank the US for their generosity? Let's put this into perspective. It is raining and cold out and getting colder. I bought a 10$ shirt the other day at a department store. That is a cheapy. With the generosity of the US we could buy 5,000 shirts for the people. But that would mean that the other 95,000 displaced people wouldn't get anything.

I'm ashamed of a country's leadership that can spend hundreds of millions waging war and electioneering, but can't help out significantly when a partner is in trouble.
Japan Today - News - U.S. offers $50,000 quake aid - Japan's Leading International News Network

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