Thursday, July 22, 2004

Seinen Kyoryoku Tai- The Japanese Peace Corps

Have been absolutely swamped over the past couple of weeks and have just now found a little energy to play with here, so I thought I'd write some good news.

Yokkaichi University has been working closely with the Seinen Kaigai Kyoryoku Tai, 青年海外協力隊、in order to encourage students from this university to consider the group as an employment option after graduation. The group is similar to the American Peace Corps in its objectives. I have been working with the group this year, and will be leader for a group of students from this university who will go abroad for a overseas training retreat.

The first group to attend an overseas training retreat went last year, and that group is going through the application process now. There were six people who sat for initial exam. Three have passed. That is very good news. I was told that there are nearly 700 applicants and only 35 spots available. For us to have three students get this far is a real accomplishment for everyone concerned.

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Paul said...

I was excited to read about a Japanese Peace Corps. How does that compared to JICA or JOCV?

Also if you have young adult J-students, the J-government also sponsors a ship-based global friendship program called the Ship for World Youth. Unfortunately I don't know the Japanese translation of this title, but their website is at and their is a Japanese version there.