Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Many students still traumatized by girl's murder

Don't know how much you may have heard about this issue, but some weeks ago a 6th grade girl cut her friend's throat with a cutter knife for saying bad things about her on the internet.

Now in the
Daily Yomiuri On-Line there is a report that many of the students and teachers at the school are still traumatized by the event.

My son's teacher sent home a newsletter with some entries from students' journals about the issues. The class keeps a journal about what is happeining in their lives, and some of the children were horrified by the killing. Some of the students became emotional upon hearing about a girl their age killing a friend.

I was happy that the children expressed themselves and that we could read about what they were thinking. I had no idea about how they may have felt about it, and we are very much removed from the situation. I can't imagine how the children at the school involved may feel.

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