Monday, June 28, 2004

Garbage Day

Yes, I know this post is one post away from the photo. I just thought I would play catch up this morning. The last Sunday of the month is recycle day in our neighborhood. This time was my neighborhood's turn to staff the recycle center. Our job was to help people unload their cars and make sure that the stuff that they brought went into the right bins. Our trash is separated into the following types:

corrigated paper, cardboard, newspapers and advertisements, books and magazines, old clothes, general plastic, styrofoam, PET bottles, brown glass, green glass, clear glass, aluminum, steel, batteries, and light bulbs

Everything is clean with labels removed, or it is returned to the owner. We worked from 9 to noon, and around 12, the trucks arrived to take away the stuff. It was a great system. My guess is that the recycling companies aren't really making a go of this alone. They must be getting some money from the township.

I was impressed by the honest hard work of the volunteers, and that this activity gives people a chance to sit around among other people's garbage and discuss various ways of reducing the amount of it that people produce. It was a great opportunity for people to raise their environmental IQ's.

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