Friday, April 16, 2004

Teachers' Seminar

On Saturday another round of the Yokkaichi English Teachers' Initiative begins at 9:30 am. (I'm afraid the page that is up now is dated. Sorry.) I always look forward to those. My colleague, Andy Mellor, and I coordinate the course through the Community College at the university. Our goals are to help teachers develop themselves as English language users, language teachers, and as computer users.

We meet six times during the course of the seminar. For our first meeting we go over the objectives of the course, and then we plan a project for each of the teachers to conduct in their classes in the interim. In each of the next four gatherings Andy and I do a workshop on a topic that the teachers choose at the first gathering and discuss the progress that they are having in their projects. In the final gathering, each of the teachers has time to explain their project and how it went.

We produce one synopsis of the projects at the end of the seminar. I will try to get our last one online as soon as I can.

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