Thursday, February 05, 2004

yesterday's classes

Last night's classes went off pretty well. Had more people in each of the two classes than I did in the previous classes. Kind of peculiar, considering that the two are the final in a series of three. The work we did in the other two in the series was supposed to have built to this final class. So far so good. The new folks didn't have much trouble in the movie class, nor in the speech making section. Two of the new people did not volunteer to give speeches, and in the movies class, two of the new people used Japanese with each other the whole evening. I'm not sure what posesses people to sign up for an advanced English class, both stating that their goals were to maintain their English language ability after being abroad for extended periods, and then use Japanese for the majority of the class.

I do enjoy working with the people who participate in these classes. They are motivate people to want to come out on a cold weekday night for a little English.

Science fiction and Fantasy movie scripts
ちょっと違う時がルけど。例えばロビン ウィリアムスの映画には彼のアッドリブは多いので。

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