Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Travel Abroad Preparation

It felt a little chilly this morning, but it's supposed to warm up considerable today. Up to 14 degrees. That is really warm for this time of year.

On Monday and Tuesday I was working with the students who would be participating in this year's Travel Abroad Program at Yokkaichi U. I took the group from the school two years ago. We went to the American Language Institute at California State University, Long Beach then, and the students will go there this year, too. They will stay for about three weeks, and will study English, have homestays, and visit spots around the Long Beach area. It's a great program that they have worked out there. I think our students get real value for their time and money.

The retreat that we had on Monday and Tuesday was an effort to get everyone involved in the program acquainted, and to give them a brief overview of the program so that over the next six months they can have some idea of what's coming. We discussed the program in general, American values, general safety issues, life on an American college campus and what they can expect at CSULB, and what their homestay experience may be like. The participants are really excited this year, and were saying that they wanted to leave today. I understand the feeling.

I won't be going with them this year. Another teacher said that he was interested, and since I have already gone, he will take them. I would love to go again, just to see the students grow. They grow alot in that period. Getting the students abroad is a great experience, and this is a great program.

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