Friday, January 30, 2004

No more Smoking U

It's another sunny, beautiful winter day at the foot of the Suzuka's.

Cigarette smoking is a real problem, both for people's health and the health of the environment. The industry is a plague really, with unethical companies preying on people with dangerous drugs, and farmers devoting their energies to providing tobacco to people instead of food, while millions starve.

Several universities in Japan are working to stop their schools from becoming places where young adults learn to smoke. Yokkaichi University has recently prohibited the use of tobacco anywhere in any of the buildings. The school has also taken the progressive step of providing the school nurse with information to pass out to the students on how to stop smoking, and free nicotene patches that smokers can use to ease them off their addiction.

Here's an article from Mainich Shinbun on the issue.

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