Monday, May 26, 2003

Big weekend ended, and back to classes. One successful seminar for English teachers, and one significant night adventure.

Saturday's teacher development seminar was successful, I think. It is tough to read the audience's reaction. I enjoyed it, though. It is great to work with such a dedicated group of teachers and find out about what drives them. We did a section on autobiography for self development. We wrote and then presented the stories of how we became English teachers. Some of the points that we had in common were a desire to travel and interest in foreign culture(s).

From Saturday night to Sunday morning my son, his Scout troop and I walked. We walked from Tsu back to Yokkaichi, about a 30 kilometer hike. It was much more difficult than I imagined. I had imagined that I could put on a backpack and walk all I wanted. In reality, 30 kilometers is more than I can walk comfortably. The route was very well planned. The kids were in charge of reading the maps and keeping us on course, which they did very well. Only one or two minor detours. They were allowed to ask the adult leaders two questions per 10 kilometer leg. They were very reluctant to use this tool, though, and so took some wrong turns.

The kids built tremendous self confidence on the trip. Walking 30 kilometers for 11 and 12 year old children is a fete that few of their peers can claim to have accomplished. I guess that both my son and I are pleased with our accomplishments this weekend.

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