Wednesday, May 28, 2003

Back on top of the wave and hanging ten here in Yokkaichi. Last night was the final class in a series of six that I do with the Community College here on speech making. The students who turn out for this speak relatively well, and have loads of life experience that makes the classes interesting. Since last night was the final one of the course, each person gave a longer speech, about 10 minutes each. Some of them are born salespeople. They did a great job of explaining which product they liked, and why. Some of them gave more informative presentations, one about human nature, one about travel. I was happy that most of them had taken what I said about organization on board. Good organization make speeches so much easier to listen to.

Some did compare and contrast, and others did argumentative styles, but they were all interesting to listen to. One participant spoke about two types of Chinese noodles in a cup. Great stuff, and very convincing.

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